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Blood Sport


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Formed in 2010 over a mutual love of David Byrne and Brian Eno’s classic album ‘My Life In The Bush of Ghosts’, Blood Sport is an arresting concoction of hypnotic Afro-beat and African guitar styles such as Soukous and Juju, locked grooves, the raw energy of post-punk fused with the minimalist tendencies of electronic music. The result is a noisy, rhythmic strain of experimental rock so unique that the band have come to dub it ‘aggro-beat’.

The underground success of EPs Journal No. 4 (TAAE017), ‘Fruits’ (released through Tye Die Tapes) and ‘Ø’ earned the band a broad fan base; while their legendary part-improvised and completely uninterrupted live sets have seen them earn their stripes as not only regulars at DIY warehouse nights throughout the UK, but also sharing stages with artists as diverse as Nisennenmondai, Pere Ubu, Mike Watt, Golden Teacher, Zs, Ghost Poet and Kanda Bongo Man.

AUD #17, ‘Journal No. 4′, was released on the 8th October 2011 on 100 limited cassettes and download. The cassettes have now sold out, but you can listen to and download the record below:

In September 2013 the band released their debut full-length, ‘Life in Units’ to critical acclaim, gaining unanimous praise for its beguiling unpredictability. Meticulous planners with an (often unexplained) reason behind literally everything they do, ‘Life In Units only builds upon the differentiated sounds of ‘Fruits’, and shows an increasing interest in minimal repetition, drawn out grooves, and a hypnotic complexity.

Having had a rework of album closer ‘Dry Water’ featured as the second track on Rocket Recordings’ heralded 15th anniversary compilation ‘Crystallized’, they have firmly set themselves apart from others on the UK underground music scene, forging a path that is truly their own.

2014 has seen Blood Sport experiment with performance techniques, including a location-inspired commission in the legendary practice space of Cabaret Voltaire: ‘Western Works’; and a dance set utilising an analog drum machine made for club consumption. A recently recorded EP is set to come out on a widely-celebrated UK experimental music label, details to be confirmed.

Press for ‘Life in Units’

“Nothing Blood Sport do is by chance, and with Life in Units they have constructed an experimental behemoth which bears new fruit on every listen.” – Now Then

“…each track in itself is an absorbing journey contributing towards the mind-bending whole. A must hear!” LP 8/10 – Exposed

“A glorious fusion of opposing forces… With Blood Sport, you never quite know if they’re here to start the party or to destroy it. Which, of course, is what makes them so fantastic.” LP 9/10 – Loud & Quiet

“Seriously, Alex Keegan, Nick Potter and Sam Parkin are geniuses – the idea of them sitting down and writing an album as ambitious and creative as this is inconceivable, and yet it happened. If there’s any justice in the world, in 20 years’ time there’ll be a Friday night dedicated to aggro-beat on BBC Four, or at least a late-night documentary on 6Music that explains how Blood Sport changed the face of music forever.” – Drowned in Sound

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