THE HEART IS A DRUM (18) – UK Premiere

THE HEART IS A DRUM (18) - UK Premiere




6:30 pm - 7:35 pm


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Drama Studio, The University of Sheffield. See venue details and map...


Dir. Jacob Frössén Sweden 2019 1hr 2mins

Tickets: £7.50/£5.50 conc.s

Documentary that follows the poignant story behind the Motorik beat created by drummer Klaus Dinger. The film is inspired by a 1990s interview Dinger made with journalist Michael Dee in Pop magazine. After a botched relationship with a Swedish girl in 1971, the young musician from Dusseldorf resorts to his drums in the band NEU! His repetitive beat reflects an overwhelming refusal to give up.
But his beat also throbs with post-war geist, and as a symbol of the new Germany, it progresses towards something new (NEU!) and went on to influence later generations of artists from Iggy Pop to Joy Division to Primal Scream.

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