White Riot (15) Virtual Screening at Sensoria

Sensoria are pleased to present White Riot (15)

Dir. Rubika Shah | 80 mins | UK | 2019

31 July 7.00pm
Tickets £9.99

+ Online Q&A hosted by John Robb, with guests Rubika Shah (Director), Ed Gibbs (Producer & Co-Writer) & Connie Farr (Music Supervisor).
Coming soon on the Sensoria YouTube Channel

Rubika Shah’s energising film charts a vital London protest movement. Rock Against Racism (RAR) was formed in 1976, prompted by Eric Clapton’s highly controversial support of racist MP Enoch Powell. White Riot blends fresh interviews with queasy archive footage to recreate a hostile environment of anti-immigrant hysteria and National Front marches. As neo-Nazis recruited the nation’s youth, RAR’s multicultural punk and reggae gigs provided rallying points for resistance. The campaign grew from Hoxton fanzine roots to 1978’s huge antifascist protest and concert in Victoria Park, featuring X-Ray Spex, Steel Pulse, Tom Robinson and of course The Clash, whose rock star charisma and gale-force conviction took RAR’s message to the masses.
As founder Red Saunders explains: ‘We peeled away the Union Jack to reveal the swastika’.

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Please note: Once purchased, you will be able to watch the film (from 30 July) for the next 48 hours. A captioned version for Deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers is available upon completion of the transaction. For more information, please check this FAQ. If you experience any technical issues, please contact info@modernfilms.com.

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