Video Test

Embed Method 1

Easiest but less control.

  1. Find your video on YouTube and copy its URL directly from the browser’s address bar.
  2. In WordPress backend press “Add Media” button above editor toolbar.
  3. The Media window pops up. Pick “Insert from URL” on left at bottom.
  4. Paste your YouTube URL into the top field (just says “http://” by default).
  5. YouTube video might start to preview below where the “Link Text” field is but you don’t have to wait to see it.
  6. Press “Insert Into Page”

Embed Method 2

More work but you can control the size and a few other options.

  1. Go to your video on YouTube.
  2. Click small “Share” button in the info box underneath it at the bottom left.
  3. Share box opens. Press “Embed” at the top of it.
  4. Press “SHOW MORE” if you can only see a URL in a field.
  5. Pick your size by choosing “Custom Size” on the “Video size” dropdown. Width should be about 600px for this site – the height will work itself out).
  6. Pick any other options you need.
  7. The URL at the top of this box will have been changing itself as you have been making your choices. Once ready, select it and copy it.
  8. In the WordPress backend edit your page’s HTML (“Text” tab on top right of editor) and paste this URL in where you want the video to be.

Demo of smaller size:


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