Hip Hop Pop Up @ The Warehouse, Yellow Arch

Hip Hop Pop Up @ The Warehouse, Yellow Arch




2:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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Yellow Arch. See venue details and map...


Hip Hop Pop Up with breakin beats and street eats.

A one-dayer of films featuring rappers/actors (Wild Style and Juice) with live street art, food concessions plus a live DJ set from Mongrels.

3pm Wild Style (15)
Dir. Charlie Ahearn / 1983 / USA / 88 mins


South Bronx graffiti artist Shy Zoro is commissioned to paint a backdrop for a rap/break-dance concert. The film features seminal figures within the given period, such as Fab Five Freddy, Lee Quiñones, Lady Pink, The Rock Steady Crew, The Cold Crush Brothers, Queen Lisa Lee of Zulu Nation, Grandmaster Flash and Zephyr.

The film has received a large cult following over the years after its initial release. Highly regarded hip hop albums such as Illmatic by Nas, Midnight Marauders by A Tribe Called Quest, Black Sunday by Cypress Hill, Resurrection by Common, Big Shots by Charizma, Operation: Doomsday by MF Doom, Check Your Head by Beastie Boys, Beat Konducta by Madlib, Jay Stay Paid by J Dilla and Quality Control by Jurassic 5 have featured samples from the film.



5.15pm Juice (15)
Dir. Ernest R. Dickerson / 1992 / USA / 95 mins


Juice is a 1992 American crime drama thriller,  starring Omar Epps, Tupac Shakur, Jermaine “Huggy” Hopkins, Khalil Kain, and Samuel L. Jackson. It has cameo appearances by Queen Latifah, EPMD, Special Ed, Ed Lover, Doctor Dré, Flex Alexander, Fab Five Freddy, Yo-Yo, Donald Faison and Treach. It’s the acting debut of Tupac Shakur.

“One of those stories with the quality of a nightmare, in which foolish young men try to out-macho one another until they get trapped in a violent situation which will forever alter their lives.” – Roger Ebert 



Part of the BFI BLACK STAR season.

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