Robin of Loxley


Robin Hood is firmly embedded in our culture as one of the world’s most well known outlaws. Stretching back some 600 years, medieval ballads make mention of the infamous archer and the folklore no doubt reaches even further. Naturally, like most storytelling however, the tales have evolved. Some of them have taken quite a departure from the earliest known documents.

Robin Hood in the earliest ballads (from manuscripts dating back to around the mid 15th century) may have been fair-minded but he didn’t rob from the rich to give to the poor; nor did he meet Maid Marian. He worshipped his beloved Virgin Mary and he frequented the forests and woodlands of Barnsdale and South Yorkshire.

Sensoria, along with our merry partners, have set out on the trail of Robin Hood, often referred to as Robin of Loxley.

The Reclaiming Robin Hood project has, in the last few years, celebrated the roots of South Yorkshire’s outlaw via:

  • a film screening in Loxley Valley woodland (at Stoneface Creative)
  • a booklet including articles, extracts and commissioned illustrations
  • an app of the locations relating to the Robin Hood legend.

The project is on-going and future plans include silver arrow plaques at some of the locations mentioned plus an Outlaw’s Picnic.

All of the activities will keep alive the South Yorkshire connections with our altruistic outlaw.

Partners include The Centre for Contemporary Legend at Sheffield Hallam University and Loxley Primary School.

The outdoor screening was supported by Film Hub North, distributing National Lottery funds on behalf of the BFI Film Audience Network.

Supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund and Graves Trust.

Arts Council England
British Council
Heritage Fund
Key Fund
Department for Culture, Media and Sport