OUR FRIENDS IN THE NORTH – Marathon Screening

OUR FRIENDS IN THE NORTH - Marathon Screening




12:15 pm - 11:00 pm


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Picture House Social. See venue details and map...


Dir.s Simon Cellan Jones, Pedr James, Stuart Urban | UK | 1996 | 623 mins

Sensoria Festival are proud to present a marathon screening to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the critically acclaimed BBC television series, Our Friends in the North.

This seminal TV serial charted the course of the lives of four friends from Newcastle from 1964 to 1995. Some of the themes explored in the serial have a very strong contemporary relevance.  The Guardian rated it the third greatest television drama of all time and it also helped launch the acting careers of now-major figures in the industry including Daniel Craig, Gina McKee, Mark Strong and Christopher Eccleston.  


Binge-watch the whole series in one go.
Grab one of the Picture House Social’s great pizzas and settle in for the complete nine-episode BAFTA winning serial depicting the 1960s through to the 1990s.

Throughout the 9 episodes, drama takes place during different pivotal years starting in 1964, spanning to 1995. Through the time span, the personal lives of the characters become intertwined with the political struggles of their home town of Newcastle, and the capital, London. We also see the machinations behind the scenes that affect their lives, often for the worse, such as: slum housing projects, police corruption, the rise of Thatcherism, political sleaze, and specific events like the 1984 Miners’ Strike.


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